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Research takes place in collaboration with colleagues and institutions, as well as with public authorities and companies, in Norway and abroad. It is mostly done in multidisciplinary environments in the interaction between economics and political  science.  Publications are written in Norwegian or English, while some are translated to other languages.            Check publication list.

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Main focuses: International political economy; European economic and political integration; The European Union (EU); International & foreign affairs; Public policy & administration; Business - government relations;The interaction between domestic and international affairs; Economics; Political science; International economics; WTO; IMF; Norway – EU relations; EEA; Energy economics and geopolitics; Global oil and natural gas markets and policy; OPEC; IEA; Norwegian petroleum management;  Russian energy policy;  East-West trade relations; Renewable energy and climate change; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Regulatory systems; and more.

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Main research initiatives and centers, affiliations: 

Inland Norway University  - Lillehammer: European and Global StudiesOffentlig politikk, ledelse og styringReference,

Harvard University, Cambridge MA: 
Consortium for Energy Policy ResearchHarvard Electricity Policy Group, Own publications and activities at Harvard,

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), Oslo: Center for Energy ResearchCenter for European Studies,
And more.
External projects:

Geopolitics of Energy.

Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), The Geopolitical and Energy Security Dimensions (delayed), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS),

Recently concluded: Transatlantic Relations in Times of Uncertainty (TransAt)

And more.

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