Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO


Address : Latitude: 61.3170072, Longitude: 10.3224573


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Landgaard, Anne Jensdatter  Abt 1648Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1785
2 Landgaard, Anne Jensdatter  Bef 11 Oct 1705Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1624
3 Landgaard, Beret Jensdatter  Abt 1680Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2224
4 Landgaard, Erich Jenssen  Bef 19 Jul 1711Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2517
5 Landgaard, Erich Olsen  Bef 13 Jul 1760Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3897
6 Landgaard, Erich Olsen  Bef 03 Dec 1769Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3898
7 Landgaard, Goro Erichsdatter  Bef 12 May 1743Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I5408
8 Landgaard, Gunhild Jensdatter  Bef 03 Dec 1713Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2519
9 Landgaard, Jens Jenssen  Bef 26 Apr 1685Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3601
10 Landgaard, Kari Jensdatter  Abt 1682Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I4600
11 Landgaard, Lisbet Jensdatter  Bef 26 Aug 1703Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1614
12 Landgaard, Ole Jenssen  Bef 05 Jan 1710Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2516
13 Landgaard, Sara Erichsdatter  Bef 10 Mar 1748Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8850
14 Landgaard, Sara Jensdatter  Abt 1640Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1786
15 Landgaard, Tjøstolv Jenssen  Bef 14 Sep 1695Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I5104
16 Langaard, Berger Erichsen  Bef 24 Jan 1740Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I983
17 Langaard, Haagen Olsen  Bef 04 Apr 1765Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I953
18 Langaard, Ole Erichsen  Abt 1737Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I946
19 Langaard, Rachel Haagensdatter  07 Nov 1798Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I955
20 Langaard, Rachel Olsdatter  Bef 28 Feb 1762Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I952
21 Langaard, Rønnoug Olsdatter  Bef 08 Aug 1773Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I941
22 Langaard, Sara Jensdatter  Bef 14 Mar 1723Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2518


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lisbet Olsdatter  Bef 22 May 1742Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3605
2 Landgaard, Anne Jensdatter  Bef 28 May 1787Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1624
3 Landgaard, Erich Jenssen  Bef 29 Aug 1796Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2517
4 Landgaard, Erich Olsen  Bef 09 Nov 1760Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3897
5 Landgaard, Jens Jenssen  Bef 13 Apr 1713Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1782
6 Landgaard, Ole Jensen  Bef 06 Jan 1684Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I1270
7 Langaard, Haagen Olsen  Bef 28 Nov 1811Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I953
8 Langaard, Ole Erichsen  Bef 11 Jun 1820Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I946
9 Potterud, Mali Haagensdatter  Bef 26 Mar 1821Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I947
10 Rindahl, Rachel Olsdatter  Bef 15 Nov 1798Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I954
11 Wedum, Rachel Bergersdatter  Bef 09 Dec 1796Landgaard, Øyer, Oppland, NO I2401
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