Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO


Address : Latitude: 61.4865438, Longitude: 10.1455107


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elvestad, Beret Pedersdatter  Bef 06 Dec 1705Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I4560
2 Elvestad, Eli Pedersdatter  Bef 07 Mar 1745Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6597
3 Elvestad, Joen Pedersen  Bef 06 Jun 1700Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I9508
4 Elvestad, Marte Olsdatter  Bef 13 Jan 1751Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6602
5 Elvestad, Marte Pedersdatter  Bef 14 Jul 1726Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6594
6 Elvestad, Marte Pedersdatter  Bef 22 Oct 1747Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6599
7 Elvestad, Ole Toresen  Bef 27 Mar 1718Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6592
8 Elvestad, Peder Olsen  Bef 04 Jun 1752Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6603
9 Elvestad, Peder Toresen  Bef 29 Sep 1715Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6591
10 Elvestad, Peder Toresen  Bef 08 Aug 1723Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6593
11 Elvestad, Rønnoug Toresdatter  Bef 26 Dec 1720Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6582
12 Elvestad, Thore Pedersen  Bef 24 Apr 1746Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6598


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellen Pedersdatter  Bef 15 Nov 1763Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6584
2 Marte Amundsdatter  Bef 18 Feb 1732Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I5568
3 Elvestad, Eli Pedersdatter  Bef 15 Jun 1745Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6597
4 Elvestad, Peder Toresen  Bef 03 Jun 1708Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I5567
5 Elvestad, Peder Toresen  Bef 16 Feb 1748Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6591
6 Elvestad, Peder Toresen  Bef 27 May 1753Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6593
7 Elvestad, Thore Pedersen  Bef 26 May 1737Elvestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6583
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