Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO


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Location : Latitude: 61.2515366, Longitude: 10.4211819


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blestervigen, Anne Amundsdatter  20 Nov 1780Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I6884
2 Blestervigen, Anne Andersdatter  Bef 23 Sep 1770Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3723
3 Blestervigen, Giertrud Andersdatter  Bef 01 Nov 1767Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3722
4 Blestervigen, Iver Clemetsen v.  Bef 12 Feb 1758Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8979
5 Blestervigen, Kari Johnsdatter  Bef 29 Jun 1760Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I9003
6 Blestervigen, Marie Andersdatter  Bef 08 Dec 1765Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3721
7 Blestervigen, Marie Andersdatter  Bef 25 Jul 1773Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3724
8 Blestervigen, Marie Andersdatter  Bef 15 Oct 1775Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3725
9 Blestervigen, Marte Tostensdatter  09 Jul 1800Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I9939
10 Blestervigen, Peder Tostensen  11 Sep 1797Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I9938
11 Blestervigen, Simen Johannessen  26 Sep 1874Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I4133
12 Blestervigen, Tosten Andersen  Bef 05 Feb 1764Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3720
13 Blestervigen, Tosten Andersen  Bef 17 Apr 1778Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3726
14 Sveen, Eric Erichsen v.  28 Apr 1795Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I9300


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blestervigen, Marie Andersdatter  Bef 22 Dec 1771Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3721
2 Blestervigen, Marie Andersdatter  Bef 18 Dec 1774Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3724
3 Blestervigen, Tosten Andersen  Bef 18 Dec 1774Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3720
4 Ihlstuen, Beret Olsdatter  Bef 16 Jul 1772Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I6163
5 Klophougen, Anne Olsdatter  Bef 06 Jun 1812Blestervigen, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3719
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